Team days

A break from the daily grind

The Art Farm is a refreshing retreat for you and your colleagues who want to stop for a moment and find new creativity in life. Up to 50 can fit inside the Art Home at a time.

We plan our team days on your needs and wishes. You can start you day together with a tasty breakfast, complete with porridge from our own oats and bread from local farms. Tea and coffee we offer from Jyväskylä’s own Teeleidi and Paahtimo Papu. The coffee beans we use are Café Femenino from Paahtimo Papu. Café Femenino is a worldwide organization works with women to teach them about growing and selling coffee. You can get to know more about the coffee from Paahtimo Papu’s website

Small groups can, if necessary, disperse to work in their own peace in the Art Home. Thick walls and three floors allow everyone to work in peace. Home-like art rooms offer inspiration and creativity to bloom. Art also has a wonderful calming effect on busy minds.

When the enticing smell of lunch enters the room it’s time to gather again around the table and enjoy what the local area offers. If you want to add more to your day then we can offer for example a Musical Art Moment, or go to the forest and cook sausages over the campfire at our lean-to shelter. And if you want more speed in the day then we can offer our tractor driving course for those who want to find their inner farmer.

The Art House is also ideal as a space to hold courses – the large house with all it has to offer is a unique setting for a variety of activities.

Ask more about team days or holding a course with us: / +358442975434