Let the warmth sink in

Downstairs in the Art Home is found the modern sauna and swimming pool area and for those searching for a more traditional experience there is also the lakeside sauna.

Art Home modern sauna

The large spa area is found downstairs in the Art Home, where enough warmth can be found to relax. There’s space enough for 20 in the sauna area. The Art Home theme follows you into the sauna also. Bathers can enjoy bronze sculptures created by Petteri Stubb and colourfull paintings by Kristiina Leino. The 7 metre long swimming pool is also found from the spa area. If you want to enjoy the warmth of the water remember to mention it when you book, as we heat the pool to order.

Downstairs is also a cozy fireplace room, hear you can spend time immersed in a book, or for example relaxing by the fire with your favorite comfort food. Also available is a small gym.

Traditional lakeside sauna

Our traditional log cabin type lakeside sauna is found on unique beach where the fine sand seeps between your toes. From the sauna’s terrace you can watch both sunrise and sunset or take a dip in the clear waters of the lake. The shallow sandy beach creates a safe area the smaller members of the family to take their first steps to learning to swim.

Alongside the sauna is a small living space, where you can have a quiet nap or stay in the night in the warm of the cabin. After the sauna you can head over to the nearby lean-to shelter, where there’s space enough to make food for even larger groups.

If you want to relax even more we offer sauna experiences.


Once Kituniemi shore was home to a busy boat jetty for the village, from where agricultural produce and building materials were sent off to be sold. From the lakeside sauna was found old sheet music by the musician Oskar Merikanto. Legend has it that Merikanto used to visit the area often. Now-a-days you can hear Eveliina play these same Merikanto compositions during our Musical Art Moments.


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