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Art Farm

Eveliina and Aapo Aijasaho’s family farm is a unique combination of genuine Finnish agriculture and modern home for art. At the Artfarm you can visit art exhibitions, have your team day, organise a special occasion, enjoy art while making lasting experiences, and stay the night at any time of the year in the midst of the wonderful views of the countryside.

The farm can be found easily by the side of an asphalt road. Only 15 minutes drive from the centre of Jyväskylä, the experiences of the town are close by.

Openness, equality and acceptance are at the heart of the Artfarm. Eveliina and Aapo work side by side, embracing each other and guests just as they are. Guests are welcomed by citizens of the world, but according to their own values – from love to art and land.


Relax on a modern farm


Modern amenities in the middle of the peaceful countryside


Art, nature and well being

Team days

A break from the daily grind


On the Aijasaho Farm you can experience beautiful views and the peace of the countryside. Aijasaho is a commercial farming business, on our fields grow oats, barley, wheat and rye. On the Artfarm we embrace biodiversity while partaking in our social responsibilities. Through our work on the farm we want to tell the success stories of the countryside, while showing just how high quality and pure Finnish food and farming is.

Enjoy yourself in Wellington boots or high heels

At the Artfarm you can immerse yourself in music surrounded by the fascinating history of the Aijasaho farm. Or dress up and enjoy the wonderful works of art and beautiful music in the concert hall. If you want more action, pull on some overalls and jump into a tractor to experience real farming life.


Let the warmth sink in

Finish off your evening in the relaxing atmosphere of the lakeside sauna and go for a swim directly from the terrace of the sauna. Then fall asleep in a peaceful room in the Art Home surrounded by inspiring art.


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