Art, nature and well being

The Art Farm offers memorable art and nature experiences to people of the modern age. The key to a good experience is ease and simplicity – the feeling of not needing to be anywhere after the sauna, the smell of the wheat fields on a summer night, or the natural artwork of a noiseless star filled sky.

Sauna experience

Relaxing traditional sauna

In our traditional sauna you can allow the warmth to soak in surrounded by the wonderful smell of the nearby birch trees. The experience includes a guide to warming the sauna, making birch “vasta,” and of course a cold drink to go with the hot sauna.

Nourishing peat treatments

Peat treatments pamper the skin and mind. The experience includes a guide to warming the sauna, a bag of peat to nourish the skin in the warm moist sauna and a cold sauna drink.

Sauna experience prices:

  • 80 € / person
  • 4–6 person group 65 € / person
  • 7–10 person group 50 € / person
  • Lake side sauna rent 200 € / 3 h

The heating of the sauna is including in the rental time, for the cost of 80 € we can preheat it for you.

At the beginning of the 1900’s the fields were planted using a horse drawn seed drill. As the operator couldn’t stand on the machine, they would have to walk alongside, sometimes up to 30km in a day. The Aijasaho Farm bought its first tractor in 1947, and it was the first tractor in the village.

Speedy tractor driving course

With our tractor driving course you get you try out what it’s really like to drive a tractor in the countryside. With Aapo as your guide you’ll learn in 45 minutes how to safely use a tractor and of course you’ll get to be behind the wheel!

Price: 60 € / person

Intriguing tours

Aijasaho Farm has a unique setting, which includes many intriguing stories. On our 45 minute tour we’ll show you the farm and reveal its deep history. Occasionally we’ll stop along the way for sing to play and sing together. The tour includes a delicious lunch.

The price of the tour is decided by how many people attend, ask us for more information!

The Aijasaho Farm has been in Aapo’s family for 4 generations. Aapo’s great-grandfather Tobias bought the farm in the 1900s and married Aino – Aapo’s great-grandmother. Aino lost her husband very young in a car accident. Their son Antti, who should have taken over the farm, tragically fell during the war. Which left Aino alone to take care of the large farm. Through the war in the male dominated countryside, Aino held her own and was strong and hard.

Musical art moment

Musical art moments take you on a journey of the imagination through paintings and music. With Eveliina as the host listeners are drawn along down the path the music creates. The musical art moment is 45 minutes of music, art and intriguing stories from the farm.

Price: 250 €

Music has always been played in the main building of the farm, Annikki – Aapo’s grandmother – was a lover of music and taught the family to play. Some of the music Eveliina plays in the private concerts is from Annikki’s old notes. Eveliina is a professional musician and has done her conducting studies around Europe. Eveliina has performed in many places and times, and because of that our concerts personal and interactive for the listeners. A joint musical art moment involving an accordion was what brought Aapo and Eveliina together in the first place!

Music lessons in the Art Home

Music lessons are a great way to start playing music as a hobby. One lesson is 45 minutes long and the instrument may be piano, guitar, or violin. Music lessons suit everyone, no matter what age they are, and the student can always take home clear instructions so they can develop themselves more.

Price: 60 € / person

We also organise with other local partners nature trips and well being services. Get in touch and plan an experiences tailored to you: posti@taidefarmi.fi / 0442975434

Finland Survivor – instructions

  • It’s worth being careful when wandering in the forest, you could get lost. If needed we’ll happily take you on a guided hike through the forest.
  • Finnish summers can be cool – it can also rain. Remember to pack wisely even for summer trips.
  • During the Finnish winter it can be extremely cold – well below zero. Dress warmly for winter trips.
  • If you plan to go out on the ice, always make sure in advance that the ice is thick enough, We’ll happily give you advice on staying safe on the lake.

If you have any questions please get in touch: posti@taidefarmi.fi / +358442975434

Guided shopping in Jyväskylä

Do you want to go shopping in Jyväskylä, but don’t really know where to start? Not to worry, we can take you on a guided tour around Jyväskylä, the tour can include for example, Iittala, Marimekko, Alvar Aalto and various Finnish design stores. Let’s plan together to make it your kind of shopping trip!

Hosting – your own guide at your disposal

We also offer a Hosting service, where one of us – Eveliina or Aapo – is at your disposal. We take you with us on our daily lives so you get to see what real Finnish life is really like. If you wish we can organise tailored to you, courses, hikes or shopping trips in Jyväskylä. You can book Hosting services for 4h, 8h or 12h.