Modern comforts in the middle of the quiet countryside

The Art Farm combines modern comforts and the finishing touches of the peace and quiet the Finnish countryside has to offer. There is WiFi for guests to use as well a sauna and swimming pool, complete with a sitting room with a fireplace. The area around the farm is its own world. An oasis where the lake water is clear and the sand clean. With us you can relax. For guests from further away the Art Home offers a safe haven, where the big city hustle and bustle are far away.

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Aapo’s grandparents, Jussi and Annikki, planned during the 60’s to make the farm into a holiday center. They had designs and plans ready, but it never came to fruition. Now Aapo and Eveliina have brought the project back to life with the Art Farm.

Art Home

The Art Home is the Aijasaho Farm landmark. This country house is modern and stylish. A refined interior, the furnishings and details speak of Finnish art and design.

The three story house was designed by architect Olavi Kivimaa. There is space a plenty with beds for up to 10 people over a floor space of 500m2. Built from brick, the house took two years to build behind 1957 and 1959. The architect planned out every little detail on parchment paper. It’s believed that there isn’t a house quite the same anywhere in Finland. At the center of the architect’s design was allowing in natural light and through the old window panes from every corner of the house the green of nature can be seen. On the middle floor of the house can be found a spacious kitchen, two bedrooms, a shower and wc plus two large open rooms. The sauna, swimming pool, fireplace and small gym can be found downstairs. Just remember to request that the swimming pool be warmed up, as the heating is tuned on to order!

Upstairs are two peaceful and inspiring art rooms, where you can create any variety of art, either alone or with help. In the rooms are large windows where natures art of natural landscapes come flooding in. Easels, paintbrushes and paints are ready in the rooms, but it is always worth bringing some of your own. Little artists are always welcome at our Art Home, and every week children come to give power to their creativity.

Aapo’s father, Pekka Aijasaho, has collected art for over three decades. These artworks still can be found on the walls of the Art Farm, giving joy to the guests that come.

The main building on the Aijasaho farm was completed in 1850, but this original building was demolished. Behind 1890 and 1910 the house was a traditional overnight lodge, where passing travelers were able to stop and breathe for a while. The current house was established in 1959, and was designed by Olavi Kivimaa – the same person who designed the Harju Vesilinna in the center of Jyväskylä. Aapo’s grandparents were for their time, innovators and ahead of their time. In 1959 they had underfloor heating installed in the house, certainly the first of its kind in Central Finland, if not the whole of Finland. Back then most people considered them crazy, however these days underfloor heating is installed in almost every house in Finland. Not content at that they were also the first farm in the village to lay drains in their fields. Many of these drains are still running under the fields of Aijasaho Farm.

Inspiration from art and peace from the countryside

From the moment you step on to the front steps, the Art Home is full of fantastic details. Artworks on the walls, touring exhibitions, and beautiful concerts bring the creative arts even more to life. The house is full of the large blown-glass windows, through which are drawn wheat fields and the sparkling lake. The farmyard it’s just a few meters till you’re in incredible nature, during the winter cross-country ski tracks take you from the yard across the village’s fields.

If it takes your fancy, you can order via us, locally produced food, either for a small lunch or all the way up to and high meal for larger groups. Available for our guests to book separately we have a lakeside sauna and a lean-to shelter, which we will heat up and prepare for you. If you’re looking for more to do or just more relaxing, at the Art Farm we organise a variety of experiences.


Summer Villa

On the pine covered shores of Lake Leppävesi can be found the red Summer Villa. When staying in the villa you are right on the edge of the water. Drink your morning coffee while listening to the bird song and the lake lapping at the shore. Tall pines surround the villa, and the forest floor is a carpet of various berry bushes. When you’ve seen enough of the shore, take to the lake and try your hand at fishing. Close by to the villa you can find a lean-to shelter big enough for 15 people. Here you can cook over the open campfire. During warm summer nights you can sleep in the lean-to shelter, sounded by the soothing sounds of the lake and forest.

In the two story villa there’s beds enough for six. On top of that the kitchen has all the utensils you need, and you can also find from villa a bathroom and shower room. The villa is open for weekend or full week booking from May through till September. Guests can also order through us delicious seasonal delicacies.

The Summer Villa has its own beach, from where you can find a log cabin lakeside sauna. The sauna is free for guests of the Summer Villa to use.